Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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September 2010: Interior work starts

Following the guest season, in late September, we work again a couple of days at the cabin. Now it’s time for interior work. In the upper storey, the gable is insulated, sealed with a vapour barrier and panelled with tongue and grooves. Another milestone is the construction of the stairs from the lower to the upper floor, where eventually the sleeping area will be. Still racing against the onset of winter, we also make sure the door is attached and the lock assembled. Finally, everything is ready — the snow may come!

The gable is insulated...  ...sealed with a vapour barrier...  ...and panelled.

The stair stringers are cut...  ...brought into position...  ...and the steps laid.

The door lock is attached.  The cabin is „key ready“.  Ready for hibernation.