Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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September 2009: The upper floor and the roof are built

After the guest season we work another 10 days together with George and Carlos on the main building. The joists for the upper floor are laid and the floorboards affixed. Afterwards, another 4 rounds of logs are laid before the gable and the roof are tackled. Hauling up and placing the ridge pole needs a last major effort and elaborate technique. Thereafter the interior roofing is done and covered with poly tarp (vapour barrier). Finally, the gable frame is constructed and paneled with thermo foil (wind barrier). Unfortunately, we couldn’t completely finish the entire gable and roof construction before the onset of winter and had to cover the roof with a large temporary tarp.

The joists for the upper floor are laid.  Chipping a round notch for perfect fit.  The floorboards are affixed.

Hauling up the logs gets higher and harder.  The gable post is set.  The ridge pole is placed.

The interior roof is constructed...  ...and covered with poly tarp.  The gable frame is built and paneled.