Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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July/August 2009: Hauling lumber and constructing minor buildings

Throughout the summer we bring in building materials for the upper floor, the roof and the interior fitting. This means a dozen 1- to 3-day trips to Watson Lake and Whitehorse. Our vehicles are jam-packed, the lumber is hauled on the boat trailer and on the roof rack. Then, everything has to be loaded into the boat, brought down the lake and finally carried manually up to the construction site (100 m distance, 30 m vertical).

Arrival fully loaded at the boat ramp.  Lumber is transferred onto the boat.  Every piece is carried manually up to the construction site.

We test our newly acquired carpentry skills by constructing a wood shed. Foundations, floor, frame and roof are soon up.

Floor and frame are constructed.  The chipboard roof is covered by roofing paper.  The finished wood shed is filled with firewood from the clear-cut.

Of course we need to build a traditional outhouse. Encountering fine sand facilitates excavation of the pit, but the gable construction is somewhat more challenging. The roof is covered by beautiful tar shingles.

The pit is backed with planks and stabilized.  The framework is done – test seating is quite comfortable!  The outside walls, door and roof are finished.