Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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June 2009: The actual construction begins

After the long and cold winter, the lake remains covered in ice for a very long time. Boating and transportation is not possible until early June. After a considerable delay, we start construction of the log house. The logs are peeled and the first layers are laid. George, our foreman, has everything under control and we are making good progress. The three of us work with simple tools, lots of muscular strength and elaborate technique. After 2 weeks, 10 rounds of logs are laid and we have reached the upper floor level.

Peeling the logs.  Rolling logs up on skids.  Scribing the log for perfect fit.

Cutting the saddle notch for cross layering.  Chiselling the groove for good overlap.  Inserting insulating material.

The first two layers are laid.  The work takes shape.  The upper floor level is reached.