Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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March 2011: Sanding and cleaning

Towards the end of winter, we again spend some time working at the cabin. The most tedious job is the sanding of the logs inside the building. A very dusty matter, but due to cold temperatures it is bearable to work while bundled up in protective clothing. At the end several garbage bags of wood dust are carried out. Several times the cabin is cleaned from top to bottom and the floor is polished and sealed with varnish. Now everything is shining brightly and a pleasant scent of wood spreads through the interior.

The warming spring sun makes outdoor work enjoyable.  Sanding logs in the cabin interior.  Vacuum cleaner in large-scale operation.

May 2011: Carpentry and some more outdoor work

On the upper floor, the beds and bedside tables are built, the stove pipe covered and a handrail for the stairs constructed. Outside, the front yard is levelled out and two series of steps up to the porch are built.

The slatted frame for the double bed is screwed together.  A simple bedside table is built.  The pole for the hand rail is placed.

In the front yard, roots are pulled out.  The stairs up to the porch are carefully levelled out.  And here we go!