Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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March 2009: The logs are hauled to the building site

This winter we have exceptional amounts of snow on the ground and the logs are buried up to one metre deep in the snow. It was wise to mark every log with a flag and draw a detailed map of the area in fall. First, we have to dig out the logs, pull them into a groove and drag them by skidoo out of the wood. Then we haul them 3.5 km across the frozen lake and finally 30 vertical metres up to the building site. The larger logs need to be pulled up by motor winch, the smaller ones the skidoo masters directly. After 3 weeks of hard work, all 80 logs are stacked and ready for building.

Marked log under the snow.  The logs are dug out...  ...pulled by hand into a groove...

...and by skidoo dragged out of the wood.  The long journey across the lake... motor winch up the hill...

...and by skidoo again to the building site.  Unloading the logs.  Log pile around the building site. In the center is the wood floor, deeply buried in snow.