Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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June 2011: Last installations

Shortly before the guest season, the last interior installations are made. The stove is installed, the kitchen worktop built, tables and chairs assembled and many more small details like wardrobe and curtains are finished. Finally, the propane and water connections are made. Stove, fridge and lamps run on propane gas. For this purpose, copper lines are installed and the appliances hooked up. Water is led through a long poly pipe from a central reservoir to the cabin and is pumped to the kitchen tap by a foot lever pump. The waste water drains by gravity through a buried pipe into a nearby grey water pit.

And with that, the log cabin is completed and awaits your visit!

The stove is installed...  ...the kitchen worktop built...  ...and the door painted.

The gas line is fitted...  ...a lamp mounted...  ...and the fridge hooked up.

A water pipe is laid from the reservoir to the cabin...  ...the kitchen sink installed...  ...and the drain siphon assembled.