Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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July 2008: The logs are relocated for drying

Ideally, the logs should be given plenty of time to dry out. This way they lose much of their weight, are easier to handle and the completed log house will not warp. In early summer, we inspect our timber site and relocate the logs to avoid having them lying in the damp moss.

The logs are still full of sap and heavy.  All logs need to be removed from the moss and elevated into the air.  Ideal log storage.

August 2008: The building site is prepared

In August, we definitively identify the building site and clear the plot. Then, the ground is prepared and the foundations for the posts built.

Soon there will be a nice log cabin here!  The plot is cleared...  ...and the debris cut to firewood.

The ground is prepared and stumps are removed.  The position of the foundations are determined.  The pits for the foundations are excavated.