Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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June 2010: The roof is completed, door and windows installed

In early June, just before the beginning of the guest season, George comes for another 10 days and together we work at the cabin. First, the roof is completed: rafters, insulation, sheeting and shingles. Appropriate roof ventilation and sealing of the chimney need particular care. The unpredictable weather is not very beneficial. After the gable frame is panelled, the door and window openings are cut and adjusted to the frames. Due to the ongoing shrinking/drying of the logs, a settling allowance of about 4 inches has to be considered above every opening. The windows, which were pre-assembled by George during winter, can now be quickly installed. With that, the structural work is completed and the only things missing are the interior fittings!

The rafters are mounted...  ...the insulation laid in...  ...and the roof sheeting screwed on.

The tar shingles are nailed on...  ...the chimney set and sealed...  ...and the gable frame paneled.

Finally, the door and window openings are cut...  ...the windows are inserted (note the settling allowance above)...  ...and the building shell is finished!