Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge
Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge

The story of our new log cabin

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September 2008: The foundation is laid and the floor constructed

Due to the presence of permafrost and strong annual temperature fluctuations, the cabin will be built on movable posts to compensate for uplift and lowering of the ground. A gravel bedding ensures good drainage and less problems with the annual melting and freezing of the ground. More effort at the beginning can save lots of hassle and costs later on! Finally, before the onset of winter, the floor is constructed in order to get a speedy start on construction next spring.

Our gravel plant on the beach in front of the lodge.  In buckets, gravel is shipped to the building site.  The foundation pits are filled with gravel.

The posts are precisely surveyed.  Carpentry work.  The floor frame is done.

Insulating material is laid into the frame.  The cover sheets are glued and screwed on.  And here we go!