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#36 - Review 2020
          The year without a summer

Snowy winter at Frances Lake

Dear Friends and Guests

It all started nice and peacefully. At the beginning of the year a cold and snowy winter reigned at Frances Lake. Yet before snow and ice melt set in, dark clouds moved up on the global skies. A tiny little virus put mankind to the test. But here at Frances Lake – far away from it all – the idyll seemed untroubled. And it was indeed, except for no one could come out here…

Cozy cabin Grand views

Due to the ubiquitous Covid-19 measures and border restrictions we couldn’t receive any guests at our lodge this summer. At least no human guests. But all the more animal visitors stopped by. Not only mosquitoes, but various different kinds which we normally don’t see very often. Lynx regularly lingered around the lodge property without fear. Beaver patrolled the bay unabashedly cutting down shrubs and trees. By now, we know at least four active beaver territories within 1-2 km of our lodge.

A lynx peeping into the window Feeding beaver at Frances Lake

And the best: within close proximity to the lodge three pairs of birds built their nest and it was lovely watching them for weeks raising their young until they were fully fledged. Spotted Sandpipers were breeding directly in front of the lodge stairs, Lincoln’s Sparrows had their tiny little grass nest in a nearby scrub and Barn Swallows were breeding for the first time out here under the awning of the workshop building. We really hope the swallows will return year after year, as they devour enormous amounts of mosquitoes directly in front of our doors…

Spotted Sandpiper with chicks (few hours after hatching) Four baby swallows recovering after their first flight

Speaking of mosquitoes: the past summer made other headlines too. It was by far the rainiest, coldest and also buggiest summer we ever had out here, which is cold comfort for all those that couldn’t travel to the Yukon this year. Nevertheless, we could carry out many chores which were postponed during the last few busy guest seasons. And of course, for once we could lay back and enjoy the great outdoors at Frances Lake for ourselves. The following images shall visualize the pristine beauty of summer and fall at Frances Lake.

Wild roses in full bloom Mid-summer at Frances Lake (lodge bay) In the East Arm Kayaking Rainbow in front of the lodge Sunset from «Sunset Point» Reflecting clouds at Frances Lake Fall colours at Frances Lake

And now what? Due to the current situation everything is very uncertain and we cannot make any predictions at all. Thus, our lodge remains closed until further notice and we won’t take any reservations at this time. As everyone else, we hope for better times.

We wish you – dear friends and guests – all the best and stay healthy!

Kind regards,

Andrea & Martin Laternser

Fall colours in the East Arm

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