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#33 - Review 2018:

Moose family at Frances Lake

Dear Friends and Guests

Summer 2018 brought us many charming guests, inspiring conversations, cheerful evenings and wonderful nature experiences at Frances Lake. At this point we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all our motivated summer guests 2018 – it was our great pleasure to help you enjoy refreshing holidays with us at Frances Lake!

Boat cruise on Frances Lake Reflecting clouds in front of the Lodge Canoe trip in the East Arm

Our boating and paddling trips often led us to the nearby aerie of the bald eagle family and we were thrilled to witness the successful rearing of a young eagle this year. Even though the cheeping fledgling stayed rather long in "Hotel Mum", by early September we finally saw him soaring happily over the lake. We were also very pleased to see new beaver activity close-by. In Honeymoon Bay and another nearby cove the industrious animals built two impressive lodges within a very short period of time. On our day trips, several guests were lucky enough to spot an elusive lynx patrolling the lakeshore. It looks like the lynx population cycle is about to peak now, whereas the snowshoe hares (usually abundant around the lodge) are in steep decline. Also dragonflies were particularly numerous this year. Maybe that's why we've had hardly any mosquitoes this summer – or was this rather weather-related?

New beaver lodge Beaver Dragonfly

Summer in the Yukon was rather short and changeable this year. Generally, the weather forecast was pretty good by predicting "a mix of sun and cloud with occasional local showers". In mid-June summer started vigorously with highs around 31°C and already by mid-September temperatures plummeted down to -12°C at night. Weather patterns fluctuated wildly between hot and sunny and cold and wet. Beside cold night temperatures the fall month of September offered also ample sunshine, brilliant fall colours and dancing northern lights.

Cloud play Rainbow Northern lights

During dry and hot spells many wildfires erupted and eventually covered wide areas of the Yukon Territory. Particularly affected was the area around Watson Lake with several large fires, some burning all summer. A devastating blaze about 100 km south of us caused the Campbell Hwy to close on and off in August and on some days we had smoke in the air at Frances Lake. However, the many sooty particles in the atmosphere produced great colourful sunsets which we often enjoyed on sunset cruises or evening walks to Sunset Point, the tip of our peninsula.

Smoke on Campbell Hwy Colourful evening sky Brilliant sunset

This year's Wild Yukon Tour (our combined canoe and hiking trip in July) exactly fell into a good weather window. We were downright spoiled by the glorious summer weather and the cheerful guest group contributed a lot to a very happy event. In fact, we started one day late (due to continuous rainfall), but afterwards it was just sunny, often cloudless, with highs around 25 – 30°C. Only occasional evening storms allowed for pleasant cooling. During the canoe trip and at the lodge we often went swimming in the lake (18 – 20°C). Also the adventurous hiking trip in the Mt Hunt area passed off without one rain drop, but with plenty of unforgettable impressions.

Kick-off for the canoe trip Grilling smokies along the way Hiking at Mount Hunt

Finally an outlook for next year's season: At the Lodge we're already well booked, particularly in August and September, but mid-June to early July we've still got plenty of availability. In July, as usual, there is our Wild Yukon Tour and there are still some spots available. Our Rental Cabin is still largely available. For booking enquiries and reservations, do not hesitate to contact us, best by e-mail.

Coffee is ready!And once again we would like to draw your attention to the fascinating «Canada Alaska – North of Normal» slide show by Thomas Sbampato. The famous landscape and wildlife photographer will be touring Germany again this winter and the show includes great imagery of Frances Lake!

We wish you a pleasant festive season and a Happy New Year!

Kind regards and have a nice winter,

Andrea & Martin Laternser

Sunset over Frances Lake

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