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#35 - Review 2019

Carpet of flowers (Bunchberries)

Dear Friends and Guests

Yet another year is over and it seems that the wheel of time is turning ever faster. It was a nice lovely summer: weather was reasonably good, actually quite often a sprinkle of rain, but overall rather dry and warm. After snowmelt, the lake level dropped rapidly to a record low which allowed for extensive walks and explorations along the shoreline in August and September.

Summer clouds over Frances Lake Wide shoreline due to low water level Fall impressions at Frances Lake

Once again we could welcome very different groups of guests: single travellers, couples, families, groups of friends that stayed somewhat longer and participated in special programs, and of course periodically our larger tour groups. Reinhard, their tour guide, set an impressive record: over 12 years he was 36 times at Frances Lake and brought hundreds of cheerful visitors with him – many thanks Reinhard!

Shore lunch Family time Beach walking

Towards the end of the season several groups of birders stayed here watching the bird's fall migration. Whether impressive V-shaped formations of Sandhill Cranes, bustling Savannah Sparrows or the agile hunting Northern Harriers – it was a pleasure to identify a large number of migratory birds and to learn many interesting facts from the experts.

Sandhill Cranes White-winged Crossbill Bald Eagle

Quite generally, it was a good year for animal observations. Together with our guests we've seen surprisingly many lynx, sometimes sneaking through the bushes, sometimes parading right in front of the lodge. Or several black bears including sows with cubs patrolling along the shoreline or swimming across the lake. And of course the beavers: after many lean years it looks like a new strong beaver population is establishing itself and by now we're aware of at least three new beaver lodges and dams in the near proximity of our lodge. Especially on evening walks and sunset cruises we could often observe the quiet, seclusive and crepuscular animals.

Nightly beaver work in front of the lodge Patrolling beaver New beaver dammed creek

And now to a very different topic: Since 12 years Frances Lake is our home and we've spent an enormous amount of energy, blood, sweat and tears on this incredibly beautiful spot. We've enjoyed countless unique experiences in this pristine environment and with our dear guests. Yet it's time to think about a change and to initiate a new phase of life, as we won't get any younger...
Thus, we like to put up Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge for sale.
We would love to see new, young, energetic and ambitious forces taking over the lodge and continue in a similar manner, so that this unique place at Frances Lake will be preserved for nature lovers and visitors around the world. We would love to pass on the legacy of this 35-year success story of Frances Lake Wilderness Lodge.

However, other scenarios are possible: a group of investors can take over and run the lodge with employed staff. Or an association (e.g. birders), a club (e.g. nature friends), a collective (e.g. for family vacations) or an organisation (e.g. outdoor school) could become active here. Finally, it could become an idyllic site for a private residence.

If this appeals to you and you feel inspired, or if you know friends or relatives that could be interested in living such an extraordinary lifestyle, then get in touch with us.

This is a unique chance, as available wilderness properties are extremely rare in Northern Canada!

Gladly we provide more information about the lodge property, buildings, movables, business operation and marketing, etc. and advise on administrative matters (e.g. immigration). We like to ensure a smooth handover and provide an extensive introduction to the new owners. Ideally, the change of ownership would be completed in about 2-3 years.

On a canoe trip Wilderness camp Siesta in the mountains

But now some words about the next summer season, which will still be conducted by us. Whether full-service lodge, self-contained rental cabin or a guided canoe/hiking trip – there's something suitable for every taste. Get in touch with us early, especially if you've been here before and like to enjoy another stay with us as long as we're still here...

Kind regards and have a nice winter,

Andrea & Martin Laternser

Sunset Point nearby the lodge

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