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#29 - May 2017:

Dear Friends and Guests

A long, cold winter is over and spring has finally arrived! In the lower areas all snow has molten, but the lake is still under ice. However, the warm rays of the May sun are now rapidly breaking up the ice. First open areas appear, the water level is rising constantly due to the melting snow and ice and the dissecting ice floes are floating around in the wind. By the end of the month all ice will have vanished and the lake will be navigable again.

Ice break-up at Sunset Point View into the Logan Mountains View down to the already open lodge bay

We love this time of year out here. It’s very quiet. No other people are around, because no one can get here motorised. Nature is slowly awaking. The willow catkins are shooting, the first buds are opening up and the leaves of deciduous trees are sprouting. Also the animal world gets more active again. All sorts of migratory and water birds stop here on the first open waterholes during their long journey north bound for the high Arctic. Ducks, geese and swans are chattering and croaking and enjoying themselves in the water. The melodious chant of singing birds sounds through the forest. The caribou are on their spring migration too, crossing the lake at the narrows in front of the lodge, because there’s already open water here. The cheeky squirrels are flitting around and the molting snowshoe hares are hopping vividly, nipping on the first greenery. But the best of all: a bald eagle pair is nesting again on the island in front of the lodge – let’s hope they’re breeding successfully again after two years of failure!

Caribou at Sunset Point just before crossing the lake Ducks enjoy the first open water holes Molting snowshoe hare

2017 is anniversary year: Beside the two official jubilees (150 years Canada and 75 years Alaska Highway) we also celebrate our own personal anniversary – it’s going to be our tenth season here at Frances Lake! It’s unbelievable how fast these 10 years passed and how much we have experienced and achieved out here. And it’s particularly satisfying to share all this amazing, unspoilt nature together with our kind guests, both on day trips from the lodge and on multi-day canoe and hiking trips in the greater area. We’ve made many new friendships and we like to thank especially our long-time repeat customers for their loyalty and attachment to the lodge – for us an obvious sign that Frances Lake is a particularly precious jewel in the magnificent Yukon wilderness and that our tireless commitment for this place is bearing fruits.

Andrea and Martin: after 10 years lodge operation a well-established team Martin, experienced wilderness guide and outdoor cook Andrea, responsible for kitchen and cabins

Well, in only a few more weeks it will be lush and green out here and the first guests will arrive. We are pleased to announce that at the lodge we’re almost fully booked for the season and also two canoe and hiking trips will take place. Only the self-contained rental cabin has some vacancies left. We look forward to another exciting summer here at Frances Lake!

Kind regards and see you soon...

Andrea & Martin Laternser

Logan Mountains in soft evening light (view from the lodge)

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